Shane Black attached to direct 'Predator' reboot

By Will Ashton,

When it comes to the Predator series, things are about to come full circle for writer/director Shane Black (Iron Man 3). After being lured to rewrite the original movie's script, Black was given a small part as foul-mouthed Rick Hawkins. Now that 20th Century Fox is rebooting the series, they are trying to hire him to write the movie again, with the prospects this time to direct as well.

As The Hollywood Reporter exclusively revealed, Black has been hired to write a treatment for the movie with writer Fred Dekker. If things go well, he could also get the director's chair as well.

This is not the first time that Dekker and Black will be working together. Both writers also wrote The Monster Squad together a couple decades ago, which Dekker also directed, and have remained friends since.

What's curious about this reboot is that John Davis, the producer of the original film, is also coming back to produce this reboot.

Of course, if Black is given the offer for the job, he may just say no, as the man has a couple projects brewing at the moment. One includes a Doc Savage movie for Sony. Another is The Nice Guys, a screenplay he wrote years ago, which saw him in the midst of casting earlier this month, with Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling circling the project just a couple weeks ago.

Image courtesy of Carlos Diaz/INFGoff.com



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