Sharon Stone walks out on World Music Awards after not getting paid

By Ricky Yandoli,

Actress Sharon Stone was reportedly supposed to host the World Music Awards. However, she did not due to the fact she was not paid. Apparently, when Stone arrived at the awards in Monte Carlo to host the show, there was no money for her.

World Music Awards producer Melissa Corken says they wanted to pay Stone, but the form of payment she was ready to give the Casino actress was not what the actress wanted. As a result, Corken did not give her any form of payment. Corken seemed to address the situation of Stone with a strange remark about Mercury in retrograde.

“She was getting paid, but she didn’t accept the form of payment we wanted to give her," Corken told the New York Post. "Mercury is in retrograde. Do you know astrology? Everything gets lost, everything is late. One of our private board members was going to pay her — Sharon didn’t want a personal check."

After Stone pulled out, former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson was asked to replace her at the last minute. Anderson did not know what to think of the request. She was caught off-guard that as soon as she arrived at the award ceremony the responsibility was put in her lap.

"Sharon Stone has pulled out last minute and I've just been asked to stand in, it’s crazy. They've just asked me to read through the script right now, just as I arrived,” said Anderson, Bang Showbiz reports.

A rep for Stone confirmed the story to the Post, calling it "true."

image credit to Credit: ACE/INFphoto.com



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