Shootout erupts at Georgia courthouse, killing the suspect, wounding a deputy

By Kyle Johnson,

At a Georgia courthouse in Cummings, a shootout erupted on the front steps, with deputies on site managing to kill a suspect who it is believed was planning on holing up inside with hostages.

Forsyth County Sheriff Duane Piper said deputies managed to kill Dennis Marx, who the sheriff said was planning on going inside and taking hostages, reports CNN.

Marx wasn't exactly subtle either, as he approached the courthouse. He came prepared with "homemade spike strips" in the hopes of delaying police when they arrived on scene. He was armed with gas grenades and began firing while still in his vehicle. He managed to hit one deputy in the leg.

"He came prepared to stay awhile," Piper said at a news conference. "(Marx) came here for the purpose of occupying the courthouse, it appears." Thankfully, deputies were able to kill him before he got inside.

According to My Fox Atlanta, the entire 90-second shootout was caught on security cameras and the Sheriff's Office released a statement noting, "We want to make sure citizens know that the area has been secured at this time."



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