Danielle Fishel addresses racism in the NBA, talks about ‘Boy Meets World’

By Ricky Yandoli,

Actress Danielle Fishel recently spoke about racism in the NBA and her time on Disney's Boy Meets World as she prepares for the debut of her new show.

In an interview with AllHipHop, she explained that she was happy to see that Donald Sterling was both caught and punished for his racism. She hopes in the future more owners' dirty laundry will see the light of day.

“The thing that I do think is really great about it coming out is that I think there are so many more people. Owners of teams, just so many more people that feel the exact same way. Say the exact same things in the privacy of their own homes or with their friends and their family. Maybe not in privacy. It’s just been protected for some reason. Now that it’s been out, I hope that nobody is protected for it anymore. We need to have that discussion all the time,” said Fishel.

While being one of the main characters in Boy Meets World, in the later seasons her best friend in the show was named Angela. She was black and she dated another main character in the show named Shawn Hunter who was white. Fishel feels that Boy Meets World did a fantastic job of showing the interracial couple. She believes the show let the couple just is themselves and that a lone broke a barrier in television for interracial couples to be aired.

“What I loved and our executive producer and a lot of other people loved about Boy Meets World was that it was one of the first shows that had an interracial teenage couple, but it was never mentioned ‘oh, you’re going to date a Black girl?’ He fell in love with this girl, and they were together and it wasn’t talked about, because it wasn’t important to us. We loved her as a person,” said Fishel.

The sitcom star is excited for the upcoming Girl Meets World. It is a spin-off Boy Meets World. She and Ben Savage reprise their characters Topanga and Cory, only now they are parents. The show is set to premiere June 27, according to New York Daily News.

image courtesy of Roger Wong/INFphoto.com



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