Small plane loses power, crash lands in Delaware River, both occupants survive

By Kyle Johnson,

A small plane had to make a crash landing into the Delaware River on Saturday, but both people on board survived.

The single-engine plane lost power while it was flying over Salem County, New Jersey, so the pilot put the plane down into a marsh-covered area of the river, CBS Philly reports.

"It must have lost power," Pennsville Police Lt. Kirk Cooksey said. "There are witnesses who said they saw a trail of smoke, and that was it. They walked through the muddy area to a roadway, where Delaware State Police picked them up. It's muddy, marshy, hot, it's just amazing these guys survived."

The plane remains stuck in the mud and police say that there are still 50 gallons of fuel on the plane. While the focus is currently on making sure the fuel doesn't leak, police estimate that it could take weeks before the crash site is cleaned up.

According to NBC10, the two passengers' injuries don't appear to be serious as they were able to get into an ambulance under their own power after the crash.

The FAA is currently investigating the crash.



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