Sony to bring PlayStation TV to US, sets sight on rivals

By Leighton Schneider,

Sony is bringing its PlayStation Vita TV from Japan to the United States. They are hoping to knock Apple from the top.

During their E3 press conference on Monday night, Sony revealed that they are going into competition with Apple TV, Microsoft, and Google Chromecast with their TV box. It will let users play games on a TV that is not connected to a console.

It will rival Microsoft’s next-generation console, the Xbox One, which is described as an ‘all-in-one entertainment system for a new generation.’ A major difference between the two is the price. Sony’s PlayStation TV will cost $99 compared to the $500 for the Xbox One, as the Daily Mail reports.

Set-top boxes, as the PlayStation TV will be, have become very popular with technology companies over the past couple of years. Apple CEO Tim Cook told Apple shareholders that the Apple TV helped generate over $1 billion in revenue last year, according to Yahoo News.

The PlayStation TV is putting emphasis on gaming first, but Sony may have its sights set on more than gaming. During the press conference, Sony also announced plans to create original content exclusive for the product.



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