Spurs’ Tony Parker expects Tim Duncan to return next season

By Michelle Kapusta,

Even before the San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat for the NBA title, the question on everyone’s mind was about whether Tim Duncan would be back next season.

According to ESPN, Duncan’s teammate, Tony Parker said that he does expect him to be back.

"It will come to an end but I don't think next year," Parker told reporters after his team convincingly beat the Heat on Sunday night.

The Spurs have won five titles in the franchise’s history and Duncan has been a part of every one of them. At 38, many speculated that he would hang it up. But Parker thinks he will be back next season to help defend the title with teammates Manu Ginobili and Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard.

Duncan has said that he would continue to play if he could be effective.

He was certainly effective in both the regular season and the playoffs when he averaged over 15 points a game, Basketball-Reference.com noted.

The power forward has spent his entire 16-year-career with the Spurs.



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