Stabbing at Portsmouth, Virginia naval base leaves at least one injured

By Angelica Stephens,

A stabbing that occurred Friday morning left at least one injured at the Navy exchange in Portsmouth, Virginia.

The incident happened near the Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth, causing officials to order patients and hospital workers to stay inside the hospital while they searched the base for the man in the morning. The hospital was shut off to visitors and in lockdown as officials searched for the suspect, Wavy.com reported.

A code white had been issued on the base as well, alerting everyone that an armed person was lurking in the area.

According to CNN, officials were able to identify the suspect. He is a white male that weighs a little over 160 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes. Photos showed that he was wearing a white t-shirt, tan shorts, and blue sneakers.

CNN later reported that the suspect was apprehended without incident.

The injured man was in critical condition at the time he was rushed to the hospital. Navy Seals officials searched the base for the suspect. The FBI was also called in.



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