Starbucks teams up with Duracell Powermat to begin featuring wireless charging

By Elizabeth Learned,

Starbucks is working toward making wireless charging available for consumers in their stores.

According to USA Today, along with Duracell Powermat, they are working to begin introducing wireless phone chargers in their Starbucks and Teavana locations beginning in San Francisco, California.

All Starbucks visitors have to do is put their device down on the table where the designated charging spot is and they will be able to charge their phone batteries on built-in Powermat charge pads. The plan is to put out over 100,000 chargers over a period of three years in 7,500 stores.

Starbucks’ Chief Digital Officer Adam Brotman reportedly said, “Starbucks believes this is another step in staying ahead of the curve when it comes to in-store technology.”

What Mobile reported this may not be a service available to everyone since PMA wireless charging is not available in every device and is not as widespread as Qi is for wireless charging.

USA Today also reported some phones may come with an accessory that has the capability to do wireless charging, such as an external battery or a case with a built-in supplemental battery. These accessories may be available for some of the popular phones out there.



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