Steven Spielberg turning Bryan Cranston's Tony-winning LBJ performance into miniseries

By Will Ashton,

Hot off his Tony win Sunday night for his performance as President Lyndon Baines Johnson in All the Way, it appears that Bryan Cranston may continue playing the role, as Steven Spielberg is reportedly in talks to acquire the rights to the play to turn the show into a new miniseries.

Image courtesy of Roger Wong/INFphoto.com

Deadline caught word on talks coming from Spielberg's corner. Telling the story of how Johnson dealt with the troublesome politics of 1964, including the Vietnam war and the Civil Rights movement, the Robert Schenkkan-penned play won Best Play in addition to Cranston taking home the top acting prize, which would suggest why Spielberg would be interested in making this project available for a wider audience.

In addition to turning the project into a new medium, Spielberg is hoping to rope back Cranston into the role. Spielberg, according to Deadline, has relationships with both Cranston and Schenkkan, so it is not impossible that he could get his way.

Cranston will be working on the show until the end of the month and, while he does have a few projects on the horizon, including a biography of Dalton Trumbo and a part in Errol Morris' Holland, Michigan, it is not hard to believe that Cranston could try to fit some room into his schedule to continue playing the part.

It is unclear, if the show does get made, where it will eventually air, as Spielberg has a strong working relationship with HBO from Band of Brothers, while Cranston, of course, is good buddies with the team at AMC. But the project is apparently moving quickly, so an answer should be available soon.

Additionally, Schenkkan has written a second play about Johnson, centered on his years in 1964-68, titled The Great Society, set to premiere at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival next month. At the moment, it is unclear whether or not anything from that play will be centered inside the miniseries.

For those who are not lucky enough to see, or have seen, the show on stage, here is a clip showcasing Cranston's performance as the president.



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