Taye Diggs explains why he's following everyone in the world on Twitter (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

Did you get an email this week announcing that actor Taye Diggs is now following you? Unfortunately, you’re not special. It turns out Diggs is following almost everyone on Twitter and he’s embarrassed about that.

While on NBC’s Today Show this morning, the Murder in the First star admitted that he’s “embarrassed” by the situation. Before April, he was only following 44 people, but then went on a following spree. He’s now following over 45,500 people.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Diggs said that he was told by someone that he needed to follow as many people on Twitter as he could. “So I met with this dude who deals in social networks, and he said instead of focusing on always disseminating information, why don't you focus on using it as a ticker?” Diggs told Matt Lauer.

Diggs then gave the guy a list of people he’s interested in from athletes to politicians. “And then he started following people for me. And now whenever I want, I can just look at my phone and hear what's going on with all these people,” he explained.

The actor added that he isn’t really thinking about reaching 50,000. “I'm not trying to do that. I'm just trying to keep myself stimulated,” he said.

Murder in the First premieres on TNT Monday, so this Twitter thing makes for a nice promotional tool. You can watch Diggs’ interview below.

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