Teen completes 40-mile walk carrying his brother on his back

By Erica M. Szkola,

A Michigan teen walked 40 miles in an effort to raise awareness for cerebral palsy with his younger brother, who suffers from the disease, strapped to his back on Sunday.

Hunter Gandee, 14, planned the walk for weeks in support of his 7-year-old brother Braden, who suffers from the disorder, which makes him unable to walk. However, according to The Associated Press, all the planning did not prepare him for what he would endure over the two-day walk from Bedford, Michigan to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The teen almost gave up halfway. "Honestly, yes, there was a point that we did consider stopping," Hunter told the AP. "Braden's legs — the chafing was getting pretty bad. We did have to consider stopping. It was at about the 30-mile point."

With encouragement and aid from family and friends, the boys were able to complete the race, even though it took longer than anticipated. The brothers were accompanied by their parents and other two siblings. They were also joined by a caravan of cars and supporters.

"Whenever I'm going through something that's difficult and doing something that's hard, I see him and how he worked through it, and it just kind of pushes me through," Hunter told CBS News.

The ultimate goal was to raise awareness for those who suffer from cerebral palsy, like Bredan, in hopes to inspire new mobility aids and medical procedures, the AP reports.



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