Three men dance to Beyonce in heels and it is incredible

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

This is the video clip that separates the fakes from the champions as these three men show everyone that anything can be done in a pair of heels if one just believes.

Yanis Marshall, Arnaud Boursain and Mehdi Mamine recorded their rehearsal for the final live show of Britain’s Got Talent and in three days, the video has gone viral, reports E Online. The dance features a variety of different dance steps and a quality of fierceness that could almost put Beyonce to shame, considering the routine is set to her music.

People notes that the popular video features four of Queen B’s best songs including “Crazy in Love” and “Upgrade U” but sadly is missing “Single Ladies” and “Drunk in Love.” There is always next time for another huge hit.

But Marshall wants to be clear that this is not his first success in the world of choreography as he tweeted, "LITTLE REMINDER: 'I was VIRAL way before @GotTalent & I'm still VIRAL now. I'm just starting.' Do your homework! #B****Please Love' Yanis."

It is something you need to see to believe for yourself so check it out below.

Video and Image via Twitter at Yanis Marshall



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