Throwback Thursday: Former WWE diva Celeste looks back at her career

By Patricia Streeter,

It appears that someone is feeling nostalgic today. Celeste, former World Wresting Entertainment (WWE) Diva, shared a shot of herself walking down the ring. This entrance photo is from 2012 Survivor Series. The event was presented by Kmart in Indiana and occurred Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012.

At the time, Celeste went by her stage name Kaitlyn. It is common for WWE Divas to change their names for the ring. For example, the Funkadactyls do not use their real names in the ring. Naomi Knight’s real name is Trinity McCray. Her partner Cameron’s real name is Ariane Nicole Andrew.

In the Twitter photo, Kaitlyn looks like she is ready for business. Eve appeared perky and up-beat, it was almost like she wasn’t defending her title that night. For a while, it looked like Kaitlyn was going to win the title. Unfortunately, Eve made a comeback and retained the WWE Divas Title. If you haven’t seen the match, you can watch it below. The video is courtesy of YouTube.

Image via Twitter fromCeleste Bonin

Celeste left WWE Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014. Now Paige, Rookie WWE Diva, is the Divas Champ. Who knows, maybe Celeste will return to take it from her. Anything is possible. WWE Legends return to the line-up all the time. You will have to watch Raw on Mondays nights on USA or Smackdown on Thursdays on Syfy to find out.



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