Tina Belcher of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ may be the new Beyoncé

By Rachel Karach,

Move over, Queen Bey! Our favorite animated boy-crazy, socially awkward teen may have just ousted the “Drunk In Love” singer as the ultimate star. Tina Belcher is now officially the star of a silly “Partition” music video, complete with her signature cringe-worthy dance moves and footage of the rest of the Belchers.

Image courtesy of INFevents.com
Bob’s Burgers is a Fox animated comedy that chronicles the hilarious lives of the Belcher family, who own a burger joint in the center of town and struggle to make ends meet. Tina, Jean and Louise are the real gems on the show, working in their parents’ restaurant and making viewers chuckle week after week.

But now Tina and her family have more than excellent ratings and an incredibly witty sense of humor. According to the Huffington Post, Tumblr user thatnutcray has put together a hilarious music video to Beyoncé’s smash hit, “Partition,” using only material from Bob’s Burgers episodes. Check out the video below and prepare to smile!

Bob’s Burgers is also set to turn into a comic book this August. You can catch the show every Sunday at 7:30/6:30 central on Fox.



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