Tired and high driver crashes into Atlanta CNN headquarters

By Kyle Johnson,

A driver, who was both tired and high, crashed into the CNN Center in Atlanta on Friday morning, managing to only hurt the building, but luckily no people.

Police say that the driver, 22-year-old Gerlmy Javon Todd, admitted to smoking marijuana while driving and that he fell asleep just before the crash, according to Reuters. Atlanta Police Department spokesman John Chafee said in an email that Todd had been driving all night.

The driver was arrested by police for driving under the influence, possession of marijuana and reckless driving.

In an article about the crash, CNN writer Eliott C. Mclaughlin sounded a little incredulous that Todd was able to crash into the building at all, especially as he fell asleep.

Police and security declined to provide details or what direction the car was traveling before smashing into the north side of the building. Chafee said in an email, "While I don't have additional info at the moment I feel it is safe to say that the car was on the road at some point and then left it."

McLaughlin notes that between the road and the CNN Center are several trees, lightposts and other barriers, with none appearing to have suffered any damage or markings at all.

CNN affiliate WGCL-TV tried to speak with the passenger at the scene, but they demanded money for any details and told the reporter "Get out of my face."



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