Top 10 '90s cartoons we want to see rebooted after 'Magic School Bus'

By Elizabeth Learned,

Ah, the '90s. How many of us remember those classic cartoons we loved to sit around and watch? Before there were shows like Doc McStuffins and Bubble Guppies we had cartoons would keep us entertained for hours. As we grow older, we find ourselves missing these shows we would view on our television screens.

It was just announced that The Magic School Bus is getting a reboot thanks to Netflix. The show about a teacher who takes her students on amazing, magical field trip adventures delighted us all when we were kids and it will be a treat to see how this reboot will be done.

But with this news, we also think about the 90’s cartoon shows we loved that are no longer on television. These shows make us reminisce about childhoods spent having adventures with the characters on our television screens. It would be great for these television shows to make their return as well in the form of a reboot.

TheCelebrityCafe.com is counting down the top ten shows we would love to see rebooted for television. What is your favorite childhood cartoon you would love to see make a comeback?



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