Top 10 Ben Affleck films

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Ben Affleck has had some highs and lows in the movie industry but is currently riding a several-year high with successes like The Town and the Oscar-winning Argo. Affleck is proving that he cannot only act but can write, direct and produce.

Affleck will now be taking the big screen as Batman in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice next year and is already planning to move forward starring in the upcoming Justice League film, the next few years are likely to be busy for the Hollywood A-lister. Even with his commitment to Warner Bros. and D.C. Comics, Affleck found time to work with David Fincher in the upcoming film, Gone Girl.

TheCelebrityCafe.com is counting down the top 10 Ben Affleck films. From The Sum of All Fears to the his latest Oscar winning film Argo, Affleck wants to prove that he can do it all in Hollywood, including playing one of the most famous comic book characters in history.

Did your favorite Affleck film not make the list? Comment below and add your favorite.

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