Top 10 Best song rip-off’s of all-time

By Mike Cykoski,

Mike Cykoski is the frontman and bassist of NYC-based A Is For Atom. With a Master’s degree from NYU’s Music Technology program, his ear possesses an acute sense of thievery… Let’s check out some of his favorite musical rip-offs which you might find disappointing/entertaining, depending on your point of view!

It is often said that Pablo Picaso stated that “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” The reality is probably more like: a great artist will take another idea and make it better.

In music this is sometimes the case, but more often than not I’m left scratching my head wondering “how did someone get away with this!” Now days with more access to music than ever, I have noticed more and more songs that are even outright copies!

There are certainly a lot more than 10 songs but I’ve broken down my favorite rip-offs of all-time. Hail to the thieves!

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