Top 10 'Dad' Movies to Watch This Father's Day

By Kelly Moreno,

Dads don't care much for flowers, jewelry or spa days. They bask in the simple joys in life: playing sports, eating good food, wearing comfortable clothes, and, very importantly, enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon in front of the television. For this reason we have compiled a list of great movies to watch with Dad this Father's Day that will showcase father-child relationships and will make for a day filled with junk food and bonding.

Without adhering to a specific time period or genre, this list provides something for each taste. Surprise fatherhood comedy. Check. Emotional custody battle drama. Check. Child rescue suspense and child rescue cartoon. Check and check.

While the synopses of a few of them share some similarities, the greatness of them doesn't come down to what the plot is, but to how the story itself is told. It's the little details and in-betweens in the stories that sometimes make the movies what they are. And these are the ones to watch this Father's Day.

Image via Facebook from Jersey Girl

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