Top 10 first dance wedding songs

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The summer wedding season is fully underway. From the dresses to the vows, weddings are taking place every weekend this summer and what would a reception be without a first dance between the newlyweds.

More couples are picking modern songs that are on the charts to have as the soundtrack to their first dance. From the soulful sound of John Legend to indie rocker’s The Lumineers singing the lyrics of true love, these modern songs capture the emotion and happiness in this picture perfect moment in time. The joy and fun when a couple gets to pick their dance song is that they are starting their own musical mix tape as a couple. The song gets to capture them as a couple and their unforgettable wedding day.

In honor of the summer wedding season being in full swing, TheCelebrityCafe.com is counting down the top ten modern first dance wedding songs. These songs have been on the charts and will start the wedding off right. What song did you pick as your first dance at your wedding? Comment below and tell your story.

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