Top 10 free kick takers in the 2014 World Cup

By Zach Levatino,

When taken by the right athlete, from the right location, free kicks can be some of the biggest threats for an opposing goalkeeper. This is why each team in the 2014 World Cup has a certain player that specializes in set pieces.

One of the most impressive things to do in soccer is to strike the ball just right in order to curl it over a defensive wall and get it up and down in a matter of 25 yards. Throughout the World Cup almost every team will be relying on free kicks to score. With the skill level of every player getting better year by year, it is hard to score a typical goal.

A free kick can be a shot at the goal or taken for a cross. Either way, watching the ball hit the back of the net after a perfectly executed set piece is a thing of beauty.

Watch for the following 10 players to make big noise for their respective countries on any and all free kicks.



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