Top 10 important facts and information about honeybees

By Elizabeth Learned,

Honey is one of the most sweet naturally occurring foods that exists. It can be a wonderful addition to cereal, bread, crackers, oatmeal or tea. We get our honey from those pesky insects whose buzzing tells us to be careful that we don't get stung. Honeybees can travel so quickly and they do a lot to help us in the environment.

Honeybees have been in the news lately, because within the past several months many honeybees have been dying due to pesticides and other factors. President Obama recently put together a taskforce to help create a plan to protect the bees and to ensure that they are able to survive to continue to help pollinate the plants and food that we eat.

With all the work they do, it is important to be aware and understand their importance in sustaining the ecological system we live in. We have put together a top 10 list of different facts about bees, including how they are helpful to us human beings.

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