Top 10 movies turning 25 this year

By Kelly Moreno,

It has been 25 years since Field of Dreams won over our hearts with its family-centered baseball story. Cast members and more than 6,000 fans gathered to commemorate the occasion in a celebratory ceremony, as previously reported by TheCelebrityCafe.com.

But the story of the farmer who built a baseball diamond in his fields because voices told him to isn't the only one that captivated everyone's hearts 25 years ago. There were also kids being accidentally shrunk to a miniature size after a dad's machine finally worked. There were time-traveling cars with a nutty scientist and a lovable teenage hero. There was a deep-voiced, cape-wearing defender of justice and his insane opponent.

Back in 1989, an evil masked man was back for his revenge and two sidekicks were on the trail of yet more criminals. Talking babies were funny and Peter Gabriel's music was played the way it was meant to be played, loudly and to someone as a gesture of love.

Take a look at this list of movies that have turned or will be turning 25 this year.



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