Top 10 Songs about dad for Father's Day

By Elizabeth Learned,

Father’s Day is around the corner and soon it will be time to give dad his card giving thanks to all he has done and giving him those golf clubs he’s been asking for. When it comes to dads, they are there to give us advice and encourage us as we grow.

For many, a father is the person one looks up to most. They teach us how to grow and thrive. While some may not have a father to call their own, many other men in our lives can play that role, giving us a chance to thank them for all they have done.

When it comes to dads, we can think of any gift for them that would be special from the heart. Some songs have even been written about a relationship between dads and their children. Some songs may not talk about the best relationships, but for others, they encompass the emotions that one feels when they think of their dad or child, whether it is positive or negative.

To celebrate Father’s Day, we look at some of the top ten songs about dads. Ranging from many types of relationships, from not getting to have that bond to becoming a father at a young age, these classic songs cover the emotional surge that comes when we think about our fathers or even when our dads think about us. What are your favorite songs about dad?

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