Top 10 songs that stood out in your favorite films

By Ricky Yandoli,

Not only is it easy to remember your favorite films, but recognizing the songs that stood out the most in those films is easy to do. Each song has its own meaning. Every time you listen to the lyrics or instrumentals, the song brings you directly in the film's frame of mind. Songs in films often stand out because of the listener's emotional response and the familiarity.

Movies such as the Coach Carter and 8 Mile have distinct theme songs that people are familiar with, themes that relate to everyday life. The distinct theme song for the film 8 Mile strikes people because it talks about the need to make the most out of the single opportunity you get to accomplish something. In the theme song for Coach Carter, it relates to individuals because people want to make a negative situation turn into a positive situation.

Image courtesy of DCC/INFphoto.com

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