Top 10 Songs that women did WAY better

By Leslie DiNicola,

This list was compiled by Nationally acclaimed NYC based singer-songwriter Leslie DiNicola. From time to time Leslie records cover songs and she noticed that there are a LOT of songs that were originally recorded by men. However, these women did a much better version.

There’s been a lot of talk in the media, lately, about women’s voices not being heard. It’s not a new story, but rather one that has been a topic of debate since the late 19th century. While times have, certainly, changed and undeniable progress has been made- it seems one indisputable factor has remained the same: women’s voices seem to be heard loudest when they echo a man’s. With that in mind, I decided to put together this list.

Do you agree?

BONUS 11. Pixie Lott - "Use Somebody" (Kings Of Leon)

Pixie Lott sends chills up your spine with her effortless crooning. Her acoustic approach to Use Somebody pulls the listener into an intimate space with the song- giving them a chance to actually hear and relate to the heartbreaking lyric.

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