Top 10 Summer dessert recipes

By Elizabeth Learned,

Summer time is just around the corner, although in some places across the country, the heat wave already makes us feel like we’re in the summer heat. Now is the time when everyone begins to go swimming, plan their annual family barbecues, and are spending time running the air conditioner and drinking all the water they can.

What we love to do during the summer is to cool down, right? What better way to do that than to have fresh dessert using many of our favorite ice cream and fruit ingredients?

When summer time comes, we will be buying ice cream by the gallons, but you can switch things up and make dessert much more exciting during the next few months. Or you can even save these recipes for anytime of the year. They are just too good to wait until the summer.

But for now, since the heat is making us feel like we’re going to melt, let’s take a look at some of the ten most refreshing and delicious treats that will leave us feeling cool after a long summer day. What is your favorite summer treat?



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