Top 10 Voices in Hollywood

By Krista Frost,

Actors not only flaunt their talent via acting but they also grace the big and little screens with the sounds of their voice.

Hollywood has given rise to many voices that have invaded our homes, becoming voices we hear in our childhood and recognize throughout adulthood. Many of these voices have created characters that made the TV shows or movies we watched come to life. Even when an actor’s young and sexy body fades away, his voice will always remain. Many of us can even tell who an actor is just by hearing them utter a single word.

From voices like James Bond to God, these men contain vocal cords that could make any person cower in fear and smile in comfort. Let’s take a look to see the top ten Hollywood voices and who will take first place!

Know a voice that didn't make the cut? Comment below to let us know who you think should make the list!



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