Top Ten FM Static

By Luke Wiersma,
No static here: FM's best is pretty clear.

After assembling a Top Ten Thousand Foot Krutch Songs, I think it would be just as enlightening of an experience to do the same for Trevor McNevan’s side project, FM Static.

FM Static is a Canadian Christian duo that was formed in 2003 by McNevan and Steve Augustine. While the vocals of FM are nearly identical to TFK’s softer sounds, they are instrumentally and conceptually different from TFK. Acoustics are much more frequent, subject matters are often more light-hearted, and if they’re not, they are presented in a more thoughtful or sad tone rather than that of raging fury. FM Static currently has four albums out while TFK is set to be delivering a new album in August. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard of such news as far as FM goes (and Google has not been favorable in my efforts to find out either). With that being the case, this “Top Ten” compilation might stand intact for quite some time then!


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