Tractor trailer crashes into Ithaca restaurant, killing one

By Kyle Johnson,

One person was killed and at least three others suffered injuries on Friday after a tractor trailer crashed into an Ithaca restaurant on the Commons.

According to the Ithaca Voice, police have said three people were taken to the hospital after the trailer, which was carrying cars, smashed into Simeon's Restaurant.

"This is obviously a very tragic day in the city of Ithaca and there's not much solace," Mayor Svante Myrick said after speaking highly of the first responders to the scene.

The Ithaca Journal reports that the building might be leaning following the crash, which left the tractor trailer struck inside of the restaurant.

While the accident is still being investigated, the trailer's right-turn signal was still blinking, possibly meaning that it simply failed to turn in time as it went down the State-MLK Street hill.

Police are warning motorists to avoid the area for the time being and there are some worries about whether the building will remain up as visible cracks could be seen etched up as high as the fourth floor.



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