Trailer Weekly- 6/28 Edition: 'The Prince,' 'Fury' and 'The Last of Robin Hood'

By Sari N. Kent,

This week’s edition is filled with dramas, biographical, war-related and mysteriously thrilling. The Prince is a dramatic thriller that has three Hollywood heavyweights in its cast, one of whom is a retired assassin brought back into the life due to his daughter’s kidnapping. Fury is a war drama set in the midst of World War II, where a band of soldiers are behind enemy lines hoping to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany. Finally, The Last of Robin Hood is a biographical drama revolving around the last days of Hollywood legend Errol Flynn. All three movies bring their own brand of spectacle to the table, one using action and thrills, another using carnage and deceit and the other using history and glamor. It’s assured that all three will rake in moviegoers on their opening days with their diverse plots, but which kind of moviegoer remains to be seen.

The Prince is a dramatic thriller starring Bruce Willis, Jason Patric and John Cusack. The plot centers on a retired assassin, who must come back into the dangerous profession to save his kidnapped daughter while also confronting an old rival. The trailer shows Paul (Patric) as a mild mannered mechanic, until his daughter is abducted by Omar (Willis,) a former rival from Paul’s old life as an assassin. Co-starring Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Johnathon Schaech, this film is a non-stop thrill ride with Willis as the villain, a role moviegoers don’t see him in often, which is sure to cause them to flock to their local multiplexes to see how he plays it. it opens in theaters on Friday, August 22.

Fury is a war drama starring Brad Pitt set during World War II. Co-starring Shia LaBeouf, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters's Logan Lerman and Michael Peña, the trailer illustrates how Pitt’s character, known as Wardaddy, vows to keep his platoon of men alive as they strike and kill German in one of the deadliest wars in American history. The seriousness with which Pitt takes on the role shines through, which will undoubtedly make his fans clamor to see this war epic on its opening day. It opens in theaters on Friday, November 14.

The Last of Robin Hood is a biographical drama that showcases the final days of famed Hollywood actor Errol Flynn. Starring Kevin Kline as Flynn along with Dakota Fanning, Susan Sarandon and Max Casella, it was screened in the Special Presentation section at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. The trailer conveys Kline’s full-on take of the larger than life actor. His wild ways filled with decadence and bravado are showcased by Kline brilliantly. The movie opens in theaters on Friday, August 29.



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