'True Blood' musical in the works, says composer

By Daniel S Levine,

The curtain may be closing on HBO’s True Blood this season, but it may soon be rising up again for True Blood: The Musical. The show’s composer said this week that he is already writing songs for it.

“We've got a couple of songs already,” composer Nathan Barr told E! News on Tuesday at a premiere event in Hollywood. He added that the story “lends itself” to the musical form.

“The challenge for us is the minute I thought about True Blood: The Musical, I myself could kind of groan,” Barr continued. “I can see the bad version of that. It's really a matter of finding a way of sort of reinventing it.”

He also told The Associated Press that the plot of the musical would return to the show’s roots and focus on the lead character, Sookie. Anna Paquin plays the role in the series.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed and Barr said he hasn’t even brought the idea up to HBO yet.

“HBO doesn't have to like it, but hopefully they will and they'll give us the shot to make it and bring it to Broadway,” he told E!. “We have a year left before we have to present it.”

Barr has his fingers crossed. He clearly has a connection to the show, as he has been working on it since the pilot.

If the musical does happen, perhaps the producers will be able to bring back members of the TV cast. After all, Stephen Moyer took part in NBC’s live Sound of Music broadcast last winter.

True Blood’s seventh and final season starts on HBO this Sunday.

image courtesy of ACE/INFphoto.com



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