'True Blood' recap: 'I Found You'

By Julianne Ishler,
War between humans and vampires heightens, Pam finds Eric with a heavy heart

Starting out with a sexy (and lengthy!) dream that everyone, and I mean everyone has been waiting seven seasons to enjoy, Jason and Eric got it on with some steamy, shirtless action while Jason fell asleep in church. Last season, Eric gave Jason his blood so he could heal, and told him to "dream of nice things," which it appears he certainly did.

Aside from the opening teaser, the second episode of True Blood's final season reinforced why this show still has some power, as it continued to set up for a dark, complicated, and emotionally-heavy season.

Pictured: Anna Paquin and Joe Manganiello
Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO

Fist off, the war is now three sided: there's the Hep-V vamps who crave blood more frequently, there's the people of Bon Temps who decide to break away from anything or anyone supernatural, and then there's our beloved core cast of characters who either are supernatural or sympathize with the supernatural.

But no longer is the show just about rooting for the core cast. This episode proved it's not about good guys vs. bad guys anymore. In the first episode, the Hep-V vampires were portrayed as evil, but in the second episode, we see that they are just scared, hungry vampires. First we were introduced to Mrs. Harris, who taught Arlene and Holly's kids in school, and is now with the team of Hep-V vampires keeping humans to feed on in the basement. After recognizing Arlene, Mrs. Harris vowed to help them escape from the dungeon. Her human side came out when she hugged Arlene and voiced her fears. There was further conflict upstairs, as the Hep-V vamps were discussing how to capture more people; though some seemed fearless there were few that seemed afraid of capturing more people. This concluded that no matter human, vampire, or Hep-V vampire, everyone is scared for their own lives.

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