Twins’ Target Field hosting 81st annual All-Star Game

By Luke Wiersma,
Two Minnesota players have shot to make roster

July 15 is the day that will bring America’s favorite midsummer classic to rescue us from the doldrums that are the long dog days of summer: The 81st Annual Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

ESPN reports that this year the Minnesota Twins will host the prestigious event for the first time in nearly 30 years, and the first time ever at Target Field, which opened in 2010, according to Baseball Parks of America.

Among those that might be lucky enough to represent their home team in their own stadium in just over a month are catcher Kurt Suzuki and second baseman Brian Dozier. They have approximately 340,000 and 360,000 votes each, respectively, as of June 6, according to MLB.com.

Both players currently sit fourth in the voting among their respective American League positions, as well as having career years, with Suzuki batting .295 to go with 28 runs batted in, while Dozier has belted 12 balls out of Major League ball parks, and brought home 30 runs.



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