Two cops, one civilian killed in Las Vegas shooting spree

By Michelle Kapusta,

Two police officers and one civilian were shot and killed on Sunday during a shooting spree by two individuals in Las Vegas, Nevada.

NBC News noted that the officers, Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo, were having lunch at a local pizza shop before they were ambushed by a man and a woman.

“It’s a tragic day,” said Sheriff Doug Gillespie. “But we still have a community to police, and we still have a community to protect. We will be out there doing it with our heads held high, but with an emptiness in our hearts.”

After fatally shooting the officers, the deranged couple fled to a Walmart parking lot and shot and killed one civilian before turning the guns on themselves in an apparent suicide pact.

Authorities did not immediately identify the suspects and did not offer a motive, however, the New York Daily News reported that the individuals were heard shouting “This is the start of a revolution.”

The pair also covered the deceased policemen in the Revolutionary War-era Gadsden flag.



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