Two individuals kill Las Vegas police officers before shooting civilian

By Elizabeth Learned,

Two police officers in Las Vegas were shot at a pizza restaurant before the shooters went to Walmart and killed one person.

According to New York Daily News, the two shooters involved were a man and a woman and before the officers were shot, one of the of the shooters were heard to shout, “This is the start of a revolution.”

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported the shooters killed themselves. One of the officers who was shot died at the scene while the other died during surgery. The officers had been eating lunch at the pizza restaurant when the shooting occurred around 11:30 am.

Larry Hadfield, a spokesman for the Las Vegas Police, said after shooting the civilian in the Walmart, the shooters then killed themselves in what appeared to be a suicide pact, USA Today reported.

The investigation into Sunday’s shooting is still underway and police are, “trying to learn more,” Hadfield also reportedly said.

Off-duty officers in Las Vegas have since been asked to take on extra patrols tonight so all officers would be partnered up, as well as to keep their badges covered in honor of the police officers who were killed.



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