'Under the Dome' executive producer Brian K. Vaughan leaving hit CBS show

By Daniel S Levine,

CBS’ surprise summer hit Under the Dome is moving forward without one member of its writing staff, executive producer Brian K. Vaughan. He is leaving the show to concentrate on writing comics.

In an interview with Bleeding Cool last month, Vaughan confirmed that CBS and producer Amblin let him out of his contract early. He hopes to spend more time with his wife and children while working on comics.

“I’m already missing the cast and crew, but the show remains in the excellent hands of our veteran showrunner Neal Baer, and we were lucky enough to hire some heavy hitting new writers for this season, including none other than [Stephen King] himself,” Vaughan told the site.

He added that it was a “huge honor” to work in film and television and that he would do more in the future, but it’s not his top priority at the moment.

In the comics world, Vaughan is known for writing the acclaimed Saga, as well as Y: The Last Man and Runaways.

As The Hollywood Reporter points out, Vaughan wrote the Under the Dome pilot and two other episodes. Before that, he worked on ABC’s Lost.

Under the Dome was a surprise hit for CBS last summer and will start off its second season with an episode written by Stephen King. The series is based on King’s best-selling book about a town closed off by a mysterious, impenetrable dome.

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