United States set to impose harsher sanctions on Uganda for anti-homosexuality law

By Kyle Johnson,

Officials say that the United States is set to impose more sanctions on Uganda for failing to repeal the anti-homosexuality law President Yoweri Museveni signed into law earlier this year.

In late February, the Ugandan president signed the anti-gay legislation into law despite heavy outside pressure. Anyone who is found committing a homosexual act faces prison time.

Museveni said at the time he found gays to be "disgusting" and that anyone outside of the country that disagreed should "just keep quiet." He added, "Let us manage our society, then we will see if we are wrong."

The United States previously tried to force Uganda's hand by lowering aid money and now it seems they will increase penalties, reports Reuters, as quiet attempts to get Uganda to repeal the law have failed.

So far about $118 million has been either pulled or re-directed since the anti-gay legislation was made law and now the U.S. government plans to further reduce aid.

Plans to impose further sanctions have been delayed as the U.S. government wanted to ensure not to cut funding in areas such as nutritional programs and HIV/AIDS programs.



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