University of Minnesota rowers rescued a woman they found in the water

By Allison Rubenstein,

Four members of the University of Minnesota rowing team saved a severely wounded woman caught in a tree along the Mississippi River.

The rowers — two coaches and two students — were practicing on Wednesday morning when they came across the woman.

Apparently, finding a body in the river wasn’t as shocking for them as one might think it would be. “I’ve come across my share of dead bodies,” assistant coach Peter Morgan told Star Tribune. But luckily, the woman wasn’t dead. “This is the first person I’ve ever pulled out alive,” he said.

The woman was found without shoes, wearing nothing but a T-shirt and underwear. The paramedics determined that she had a broken leg.

She told authorities on the scene that she was from Minneapolis.

The team hardly ever practices in the area where they rescued the woman, head coach Wendy Davis told Fox 9 News.

Emily Stock, one of the freshmen rowers, was proud that “as a team, [they] were able to get her out.”



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