Vanessa Bayer tells us how to get on 'SNL'

By Rachel Karach,

Funny woman Vanessa Bayer joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in 2010 when producer Lorne Michaels was looking to bring something fresh to the show. She has since turned into one of the most popular cast members and is finally opening up about how she got started.

Bayer spoke about her life before the show and experiences as a cast member while promoting her comedic web show, Sound Advice.

The comedian also recently used her Reddit account to conduct an “Ask Me Anything” session and gave some kind and supportive answers to fans.

When asked about her initial interest in comedy, she said, “Well, I always loved comedy and watching SNL, and I have a very funny dad — and mom and brother — so there was always a lot of joking going on in my house! I didn't actively start doing comedy until I was in college, when I started performing with a sketch group called Bloomers. Once I started doing that, I knew I wanted to do comedy for life!”

She also spoke about how she got started with comedic work to show young fans how to get a grasp on the industry. "I spent a couple summers in college interning at places like Sesame Street and Conan, which helped me to get a sense of what it's like to work at great, funny shows. And I also took standup and improv classes at Gotham Comedy Club in New York and UCB [Upright Citizens Brigade].”

Many people asked Bayer how to break into the comedy industry and maybe—one day—make it onto SNL. "There's no one way to get into SNL or the industry, but I would say to try to perform and write at local comedy theaters and on your own as much as you can. Also, remember there is comedy all around you! It's hard to support yourself as a comedian right away, but those day jobs are where you'll find some of your best material!"

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