Vitamin D has causal relationship with hypertension

By Amanda Stewart,

New research has shown that low levels of Vitamin D can be related to blood pressure and other health issues.

The report was published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.

The study’s findings, according to Science World Report, reveal how important vitamin D is for a person’s overall health.

According to Tech Times, researchers studied the effect of Vitamin D on blood pressure and hypertension.

The report says that for every additional 10 percent of vitamin D taken by a patient, blood pressure is lowered and the odds for hypertension also decrease. The researchers say that there is need for further research on the relationship between vitamin D and hypertension.

"Overall, our study provides genetic evidence that increased 25(OH)D [vitamin D] concentrations are causally associated with reduced blood pressure and hypertension risk (panel). If replicated in an independent, similarly powered study, these findings will strengthen the case for appropriately powered, well-designed randomized clinical trials to investigate the necessary vitamin D doses and appropriate target groups for the prevention or treatment of hypertension," states the study.

It has also been recently reported that low vitamin D levels also double the likelihood of premature death. Two-thirds of the United States population suffers from low levels of vitamin D.



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