Where does your city fall on the American Fitness Index?

By Amanda Stewart,

The American Fitness Index ranked the nation’s largest cities based on how well the fitness needs of each city’s residents is being served.

The ranking comes from a number of factors, according to Tech Times.

The rankings, according to Fox News, uses data pulled from the Census Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

To produce the report there is a panel made of 26 health experts. These experts take a look at things in the community like the incidence of obesity, diabetes and smoking as well as the average citizen’s consumption of fruit and veggies.

They also look at things like how many public parks are available. Are there dedicated bike lanes? Are there farmer’s markets available?

The top five on the list had less than 23 percent obesity rate and smoking rates all below 18 percent. The nation’s capitol, Washington, D.C., was at the top of that list.

Following D.C. is Minneapolis-St. Paul, Portland, Denver, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, San Diego, Boston and Sacramento. Memphis is at the bottom of the list according to Medical Daily.

“Health advocates and community leaders have come to expect the arrival of the American Fitness Index as an annual check-up regarding their community’s health and fitness levels,” said Walter Thompson, chair of the investigation.



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