Will Ferrell shouts support for L.A. Kings

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

Tonight is Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final with the Los Angeles Kings going against the New York Rangers. While fans are used to sharing their pride everywhere they go, someone has gone exceptionally far to make sure everyone knows who to root for.

There is a new video billboard ad in New York City today featuring Will Ferrell, of all people, yelling his support (“Go Kings Go!") for the L.A. Kings reports CBS Sports. Many people think that the team themselves may be the ones behind this prank as they are known for their witty Twitter.

DeadSpin reports the screen is on the corner of 33rd and 7th Avenue, with Ferrell looking straight at Madison Square Garden and yelling at Rangers fans.

The video comes from the L.A. Kings 2012 run-through the Stanley Cup Final and is now being reused to make sure all those Rangers fans know that L.A. means business.

The game starts tonight at 7pm. Check out the billboard in the Instagram video below.

Image via Instagram from The Royal Half



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