Woman in China refuses to give men her number, beaten to death

By Ashley Laggan,

A 37-year-old woman in China was beaten to death last Wednesday in a McDonald’s by a group of men after she refused to give them her number.

The men were members of a banned religious group called the Church of Almighty God, reports Reuters. Six alleged members of the religious group were arrested.

After refusing to give the men her number, the woman, known as Miss Wu was then beaten to death by the men. Eyewitnesses said Wu was kicked in the head while lying on the ground before the men used an iron bar to strike her, continuing the assault until the bar broke, according to The Nanfang.

Photo and video have surfaced from the attack showing numerous bystanders standing around as Wu was being attacked. No one stepped in to help her or called authorities, even though a local police station was right across the street.

Understandably, many Chinese citizens were enraged that no one tried to help the woman and took their anger to social media.

“If I stay quiet today, who will help me cry for help when I suffer from misfortunes in the future?” asked a Weibo user, according to Reuters. “If I don’t speak up as a passerby, then one day, if injustice should come upon me, no one would speak up for me as well.”



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