Woman has eight-foot-long tapeworm removed from body

By Michelle Kapusta,

A woman in China has had a massive eight-foot-long tapeworm removed from her stomach that she contracted after eating undercooked meat.

According to What’s on Xiamen, the woman, identified only with the surname Li, made an appointment to see a physician on May 29 when she noticed odd liquids in her stool. She was diagnosed as having teniasis, which is an intestinal tapeworm infection caused by eating contaminated, undercooked beef.

The Mirror reported that parasites, such as tapeworms, lay eggs in cysts that form on animals, and, if not cooked properly, can hatch and grow inside humans.

Doctors believe Li ate the tainted food while she was on vacation in Southeast Asia. Just knowing that her body was the host of something so gross had her as squeamish as anyone would have been. “It’s disgusting and almost makes me faint,” she said.

Li passed the large worm on May 31 with the help of traditional Chinese medicine.



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