Woman's 'selfie' video helps diagnose stroke

By Amanda Stewart,

Stacey Yepes, 49, went to the hospital because she had numbness and facial paralysis, but was turned away after doctors brushed it off as stress.

“They told me I needed to learn how to manage my stress,” said Yepes of the doctors. She couldn’t believe that was the diagnosis that the doctors came up with.

Two days later it happened again while she was driving, according to Daily Mail. So, Yepes pulled over to the side of the road, grabbed her smartphone and captured the minor stroke as it happened.

She tried to point her finger at specific things and was unable. She breathes in and out, calmly, trying to manage her stress, but the symptoms continued.

Dr. Markku Kaste, World Stroke Organization, says that she believes that Yepes is extremely lucky, according to Washington Times. He advises people who believe they are having a stroke to immediately call 911. “Don’t waste time on a video,” said Kaste.

After this second stroke, Yepes went to a different hospital. Doctors agreed that she had suffered a series of mini strokes. She is now being seen by doctors.



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