World Cup fan breaks into Cristiano Ronaldo's hotel room

By Michelle Kapusta,

A 15-year-old boy broke into the hotel room of soccer star Christiano Ronaldo on Wednesday where he and the team were staying for their Thursday match against Ghana.

According to Globo Esporte, Yago Leal gained access to the Portugal star’s room by climbing over a balcony at the hotel in Brasilia, Brazil.

The report goes on to say that the boy then sat on Ronaldo’s bed just as his idol entered the room.

"I lay in bed because I knew he’d slept in it, and when he came in, I was there,” said Leal.

The Real Madrid player was no doubt startled by the boy, but was nice enough to let him go without alerting the authorities.

The Metro noted that Ronaldo even let his fan take a photo from the balcony before he climbed out the same way he had entered.

image via Twitter from FansAllStar

“He was good to me," Leal said. "He said that I had better go, but that he would not call security.”

Lucky that he chose Wednesday night instead of the following night to break in as Ronaldo’s team was eliminated from the group stage on Thursday. The Real Madrid star might not have been as nice then.

top image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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