Yves Saint Laurent biopic hits American theaters this month (Video)

By Patricia Streeter,

Are you familiar with Yves Saint Laurent? You have most likely seen the ads for his fragrances in magazines. This June, you have the opportunity to learn more about him through a new film.

The biopic Yves Saint Laurent was released in France back on Jan. 8 and will be released in the U.S. on Friday, June 27.

Yves Saint Laurent can be seen as the rise of Laurent’s fashion empire as well as a love story. The film starts at the beginning of his career, which is when he meets his lover, Pierre Bergé. Jérémie Renier, a Belgium actor, is Pierre Bergé. Guillaume Gallienne, a French actor, is Yves Saint Laurent.

The film is rated R for sexually explicit situations and drug use. If you have young fashion lovers in your household, you may want to hold off on letting them see this film.

Overall, the success of this film could lead to more designer biopics. Personally, it would be nice to learn more about the faces behind the designers. Of course, there is the risk that Hollywood may tweak it to make it more dramatic. It seems that films have become another way to preserve history.



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