100 million make up Philippine population

By Jennifer Pilgrim,

At 12:06 a.m. in a small government-run hospital in Manila, Chonalyn was born. She is officially the 100 millionth person to be born in the Philippines, bringing the country to a milestone that many are excited, and worried, about.

The baby was presented with gifts from public health officials, reports Fox News. She received clothes, bottles and even a cake.

Chonalyn's birth provides officials with new excitement, and nervousness, regarding the Philippines' population boom and the state of the country. Almost three babies are born every minute in the Philippines, states Rappler. Although more people within a nation makes for a stronger workforce and united ties, the Philippines is a country in which one-fourth of its people are living in poverty.

There have been recent efforts in an attempt to control the Philippines' continuous population growth, but retaliation from the Roman Catholic church has proved to be an issue.

Almost 80 percent of the population follows the church and its teachings, which prohibits the use of birth control in any form. In April, there was government assistance to implement a healthcare law that allows some of its poorer citizens with birth control services, but there has still been backlash from a majority of the public.

While Chonalyn's parents are confident they can care for their child and provide her with a good life, there is government assistance available for her and 99 other babies born around the same time. The government wishes to follow their lives and see how each of them may grow and thrive within the country as they grow older and the population continues to expand.



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